Hi, I’m Clare. I have been doing activities in care homes for a number of years working with residents with a whole range of abilities. One of the most popular activities with residents has been a quiz. However, I found I was spending hours in my own time trawling through quiz books and web sites to produce a quiz to suit residents of a care home. Now I have a wealth of quizzes I would like to share with other homes so they too can run quizzes but without all the hard work!

With the questions already done for you, follow my ‘Top Tips’ and anyone can run a quiz. If your home doesn’t employ an activities co-ordinator maybe a carer, relative or volunteer could do it. The quizzes are designed for a group to suit a range of abilities including residents with dementia.

The quizzes are designed to be fun and cover a broad range of topics with both serious and silly questions. They are written to suit the age group and to cater for all abilities, people who enjoy a challenge and people who may have problems with memory. The quizzes follow the same format each time: 100 questions, mixed general knowledge with easy questions interspersed with harder ones. I have found this is the best way of including all abilities and holding resident’s interest.

I have kept the quizzes at a low cost as I understand the constraints of a care home activities budget! I can provide a printable receipt too. I am also donating a percentage to a charity of the month. If you wish to nominate a charity to receive a donation please do so here.

Download your free trial quiz now. Good luck, I hope your residents enjoy it!